Rohos Disk Encryption

Rohos Disk Encryption 2.3

Rohos Disk Encryption creates hidden and protected partitions or USB drives
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Rohos Disk is a program that can create hidden partitions on your hard disks or USB flash drives. The created partitions will be accessible while you are using Rohos Disk, through a password. It will appear as another drive in your system, which you can use normally, copying, reading and renaming files. If you close the partition in the program, you will not have a clue that the partition even exists.

This will be very useful when you store sensitive information that you do not want anyone to see. An added security measure is creating a hidden partition on a flash drive, because you can take your flash drive with you. Rohos Disk even allows you to create a "key" that will open your hard disk hidden partition, so you will not need to enter the password manually each time you need to use your hidden partition. Your USB drive will work as a "hardware key".

It is possible to configure the program to start when Windows starts. You can delete any disk created with the program anytime, as well as change the password for opening it. You will be able to use Rohos Disk trial version for thirty days.

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